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Yard Masters Inc. has been in business for the past twenty-one years and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our Company was found by Juan A. Pelayo on February 1, 1991. Growth has blessed us in recent years, and we are currently expanding in every aspect. We currently employ a large and talented construction, maintenance, design, and office staff.


Company Goals:
Growth will continue to quickly spread through the area in the coming years. We know that we are not the only company to see business opportunities created by this expected growth. We know our commitment to outstanding quality and customer satisfaction will help us stand out among our competition.

Highly personalized service has always been the hallmark of Yard Masters Inc.

Today, we stand-out even more as the best managed and most professionally operated firm; having the best trained employees; having specific policies and standards for serving customers, and carefully monitoring the quality of our service. We believe these steps will allow Yard Masters, Inc. to be an industry leader for our valley in the years to come.

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Juan Pelayo

Phone: 209 722 3056

Email: juan@yardmastersworld.com

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Name, Position, Contact Information